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We participated in the 2020 Alabama Pasture to Rail Program. An Auburn University Alabama Cooperative Extension System Program. This program is where the cattle producer sends his calves to a feedlot to be comingled with hundreds of other calves. The calves are monitored daily for weight gain and health.

Our harvested calves ranked in the 94.3 percentile of USDA Choice or better. 

Our calves are Angus-based, and some will be crossbred to be Angus-based and Simmental based.

We like to harvest our calves from 800-1400 pounds.

The harvesting process takes about 12 weeks, which consists of  8 weeks of pre-conditioning and 2 to 4 weeks for harvesting and slaughter.

You will communicate directly with the slaughterhouse and tell them how you want your meat packaged by thickness and weight.

The Process

Once you select your animal, payment for the animal is made at that time.  You will be notified of the slaughter facility's name, address, contact number, and you will be notified when your animal will go to slaughter and when to call the slaughter facility.

There is no cost for us to transport your animal to the slaughter facility, processing, or packaging of your meat. The slaughter facility will let you know when to come and pick up your meat. 

We do recommend a stand-up home freezer for easy accessibility to your different cuts of meat. 

You can purchase your animal any time of the year.

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